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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Polyurea Coatings Are The Answer To Flat Roof Leaking

Do you have a Leaking Roof? 

Leaking roofs can be a constant yet significant dilemma. The potential for water damage can bring about serious health hazards, such as mold and mildew. In most situations, fiberglass insulation dissipates its effectiveness over time, leading to a potential ceiling collapse. Water damage can even mean fire dangers. How can you prevent a roof from leaking? 

The answer is using polyurea coatings. 

They are an exceptional solution for stopping and fixing leaking roofs.

First, polyurea exceeds as a waterproof roof solution. Even if your roof isn’t currently leaking and being compromised, it’s a unique protective coating. The combination of durability and elasticity is ideal for sealing off roofs. Polyurea is also beneficial when it comes to insulation.


There are all types of coating applications that work for roofs. For example, spray foam insulation is effective in roofing installation and repair jobs. But, did you know that polyurea coatings, which are waterproof spray-on liners, are also useful when dealing with leaking roofs?

When using a liner to combat a leaking roof, it is essential to receive Superior Seamless Roofing expert advice. Surface preparation is crucial. Your goal should be to add longevity and seal off any holes or even small cracks causing leakage.


Polyurea coatings form a protective lining, but that is not all. They also add integrity to new and existing roof systems. Many contractors use spray foam insulation to conserve on heating and cooling expenses. Spray coatings can prolong the life of roofs and protect against the outside elements.

Polyurea Coatings are advantageous in commercial construction and pre-existing structures, no matter the size. Again, it is always smart to speak with an experienced coating applicator concerning any polyurea application.


Are you worried about a leaking roof? Are you interested in taking preventive steps to ensure against potential roofing problems? ArmorThane is a waterproof roofing company and can help you. They use only the best polyurea roof coatings such as ArmorLiner and Envirothane. Give them a call to learn how! 

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